Stop Dealing With Agencies
That Take Forever To Deliver
On Their Promises.

Traditional Digital Agencies
Want To Win Creative Awards.
You Want To Win
More Traffic And Sales.

Traditional digital agencies just don’t get it. They don’t understand digital and they show you a portfolio filled with shiny pictures of their work but they never tell you how they improved brand recognition, traffic and sales (not at all), how long their projects have been taking (forever), how much budget they have burned through (too much). If they showed you the raw numbers, you would never consider using their services.

When working with GoAugust:

  • you will receive consistent status updates (every 1-2 weeks) and know exactly how far along we are on the project,
    giving you room to change the direction of the project
  • you will know how much budget is left
  • you will receive reports on how well your marketing campaign is doing
  • your marketing campaign will evolve and we’ll help you to increase traffic and to increase sales

GoAugust’s areas of expertise are marketing apps, custom web applications, web development, SEO and other digital marketing services.

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Having worked at a digital marketing agency and seen the work of other digital agencies, GoAugust CTO Rudolf Olah, has seen how digital agencies forget to focus on the bottom-line and don’t work hard enough to increase traffic and sales for their clients. Their digital/technological processes are flawed and expensive. This is why the GoAugust Marketing Apps approach was developed: to maximize the effect of every hour spent on a marketing campaign.

Marketing Apps Keeps Visitors Engaged And Close the Deal With Customers

You want a digital marketing campaign that is delivered on-time and on-budget. GoAugust can do that…How? Because we create marketing apps. Marketing apps are light-weight web apps (or heavy-weight websites). They are custom web applications that are interactive and provide immediate value to your visitors and they convert visitors into customers.

In 2014 and beyond, websites are more than just websites. They’re interactive, they’re engaging, in fact, they’re much closer to web apps than ever before. Visitors to your website expect some kind of interactive information. They expect to be able to do more than just share content from your site on Facebook and Twitter. They want to visualize any data, percentages, trends, and facts that they see. Website visitors want to be able to fill in a form and in real-time see how the data changes based on their personal situation. When modern website visitors go to a bank website and see the interest rates on accounts, they want to see how much interest they’ll earn based on their own assets. When potential customers go to a shopping website, they want to see recommended products without creating an account based on the results of a very short quiz they’ve taken; they want product filters based on their lifestyles instead of filters based on price (sometimes the lowest priced item fits into the most luxurious lifestyle, and vice versa).

The future of marketing your products and services are marketing apps. Marketing apps are light-weight web apps that ask website visitors only for necessary information to provide immediate value. Sometimes web apps are used to collect email addresses. Don’t do that, build a light-weight marketing app that provides value as soon as a visitor enters an email address. Marketing apps are light-weight and cost much less to build and deliver than traditional web apps.

What Are Marketing Apps And Why You Need One

Are You Ready For The Marketing Apps Approach?

  • If your website has data that can be visualized, you are ready for a marketing app.
  • If your website displays personalized results, you are ready for a marketing app.
  • If your web app requires signing up to display a simple chart, you are ready for a marketing app.
  • If your web app takes too long to load, yes you do need a marketing app.
  • If the last marketing campaign was way over budget and took too long to deliver, you need a marketing app.

We use the 3 key components of the Marketing Apps Approach to deliver your project on-time and on-budget:

  • The Blueprint: we build your site based on our experiences learned on other project similar to yours.
  • Maximum Value: we deliver maximum value in each iteration which translates into projects that can generate traffic or sales within a matter of weeks.
  • Continuous Marketing: after launch, we work with you to further increase traffic and/or sales by updating copy, headlines, email campaigns, graphics, and the social media and SEO strategies we use.

You’re ready for the future of marketing, you want your marketing campaign delivered on-time and on-budget, contact GoAugust in the form below and we will build marketing apps that fit into your digital strategy and increase traffic and increase sales.

How do Marketing Apps Fit in With Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media?

Marketing apps can be fully integrated with an Facebook app and Twitter and other social media sites making it easier for your users and customers to share how much value they got out of your marketing app.

Still Not Sure
If GoAugust Marketing Apps
Are For You?

That’s okay! Let’s walk through an example that shows the difference between traditional digital agencies and GoAugust’s Marketing Apps approach.

Let’s say you’re running a contest to promote your brand and your products. A traditional digital agency would design and implement everything from scratch and work in three phases: design, build, launch. They will take too long to build and they’ll miss the contest launch date or they will go over budget working evenings and weekends to get the contest built in time for the launch date. GoAugust’s marketing apps approach works based on the core idea: the contest. GoAugust already has the blueprint for contests in our contest marketing app and we use it as the foundation to build your contest. There’s no need to go over budget or over time because we work with a solid foundation.

Here’s another example: a store locator with a map that shows where customers can find your retail stores. A traditional digital agency could take up to 8 months to deliver a Google Maps-based website and they would go over-budget trying to import your custom data. Our marketing apps approach takes less than 3 months. We work with a solid foundation based on locations and interactivity. We import custom data to add richness to your marketing campaign.

One more example: you need a marketing micro-site to promote a luxury car. A traditional digital agency could take over 4 months to deliver a micro-site. With the GoAugust Marketing Apps approach, we can deliver immediate value that turns visitors into customers within 3 months. We do this with an ongoing approach that treats the launch date as the starting point in your marketing efforts and not as the finish line.
The GoAugust marketing apps approach lets us work with you to continually improve your marketing campaign to increase traffic and to increase sales.

Small Business Website Design Absolutely Requires Marketing Apps

When you’re a small business you need to make sure every dollar you spend on a creative web design increases traffic and sales. Integrating a marketing app into your custom website is an excellent way to increase sales by providing immediate value to customers and prospects.

Small business marketing apps:

  • Calculating job quote estimates
  • Surveying potential customers to serve them better
  • Displaying detailed product information based on customer lifestyle preferences
  • and other marketing app ideas that you have

Contact us right now if you are a small business searching for a digital agency that understands your needs and let’s get started on increasing brand awareness, traffic and sales

Make Marketing Apps Part Of Your Digital Strategy

multiple devices
Our marketing apps make your website mobile: they are responsive and work on iPhones, Android smartphones, iPads, tablets, and desktops. Our marketing apps are mobile-ready. To save on budget and time, mobile-readiness is optional but we highly recommend it because more and more prospects and customers are using iPhones, iPads and Android devices to browse the web.

We can test and support the following web browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • IE9+

Web apps designed with AngularJS are guaranteed to work with modern web browsers on your smartphone, tablet and computer such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox (and IE9+).

Modern Web App Development

For modern web app development, the server is a back-end that simply validates and stores data. The front-end, the user interface, is where all the cool stuff happens. We use AngularJS to support this new modern way of developing web apps. With AngularJS your web app becomes more responsive.

AngularJS logo

Need Internet Explorer 7 or 8 Support? We can do that!

Web apps developed using Django as the back-end are guaranteed to work in Internet Explorer 7 or 8. To ensure maximum compatibility with IE7 and IE8 we only use jQuery and make sure each jQuery plugin looks and works great in Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

Our Digital Agency Team

Established in 2010, GoAugust is a Toronto-based digital design and development agency with clients all over North America and the world. Our digital agency has specializes in strategy, design and technology with a focus on internet marketing, website design, and custom web applications development. We will help you define a strategy that emphasizes your brand’s strengths and develop an innovative custom web application to engage and delight visitors to your website.

Co-founder Rudolf Olah has worked professional projects that have been successfully completed and delivered to clients since 2007. He also works on free/open source projects and has written articles for You can find out more about Rudolf’s experience and what he brings to the table on LinkedIn. He has worked with digital marketing agencies and custom web development firms in the past. Through his experience creating great looking websites for marketing campaigns and having seen the inner workings of digital agencies, Rudolf provides a strong understanding of the technical and marketing challenges facing any company. Rudolf also writes the issues for our Learning AngularJS email newsletter series, demonstrating our ability to work with modern web technology. Rudolf has also worked on Facebook apps.

Digital Marketing Manager planning your digitial strategy
As a digital agency, GoAugust is focused on providing the best web design and planning a viable social media strategy designed to increase traffic and conversions.

GoAugust works with freelancers, consultants and other sub-contractors in a team environment with close monitoring and quality assurance to guarantee that web applications and websites are developed to the client’s specifications.


We’re comfortable working with the following technologies and have completed multiple projects in the past with them:

  • Django/Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • WordPress
  • Magento ecommerce
  • PHP/MySQL, Yii
  • NodeJS
  • jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone.js,
  • LESS CSS, SASS, 960 Grid System
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite

On Github, we have some open source projects.

Build Your Responsive Modern Website With GoAugust

Fill out the contact form and we’ll contact you to discuss your digital strategy and how a website redesign or custom web applications can help you increase brand awareness, traffic or sales.


GoAugust has been providing the following services to clients for the last 5 years:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Custom Web Applications Development
  • Digital Brand Strategy and Social Media Strategy (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube)
  • Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization
  • Responsive Web Design, Responsive WordPress Themes
  • Mobile Website Design
  • UX Design
  • Custom Software Development

The team at GoAugust has built several websites handling the server setup to the theming to the coding to make sure that each site fits client needs.

source code for custom web applications
GoAugust specializes in website design, website development, creating custom web apps, mobile websites. We work with Django, Python, NodeJS, AngularJS, and WordPress.

Our process for design focuses on putting the client first. We communicate with the client to fully understand the business domain, leading to an implementation of a web app that satisfies the needs. We work in an agile iterative process, coordinating closely with the client.

We have worked with clients from Canada (Vancouver and Toronto), the UK (London), and other cities across the world.