Custom Web Application Development

Currently, GoAugust is booked until November. No guarantees, but if you have a short-term project, we may be able to fit it into our schedule as other projects finish.

We strongly encourage clients to create a roadmap for their project and submit it to us when you are requesting our services. We also encourage prioritization of project features in order of value ahead of time. This lets us deliver the most valuable components as soon as possible. We want to launch your product as soon as possible and then continually improve the marketing message and technical features through the lifetime of the project.

Roadmapping Sessions

If you need help coming up with a roadmap for your project, we’re happy to schedule 1 or 2 hours of time at $799 to plan out your project’s roadmap.

If you do book a roadmapping session, please be prepared and email us your project’s specification or goals and any other details ahead of the session. Sessions are conducted via Skype or Google Hangouts. If you live in Canada or the United States we’re happy to conduct the session via phone.

Clients are free to take the roadmap that we collaborate on to another agency or web development firm for implementation.